We would like to inform you that for the period starting the 14th  of August until the 20th, 2023, our office will be closed.

Dr Kadis participates in the new services of the privileged network of Universal Life.

For safety and convenience of the patients of the private doctors of Aretaeio Hospital, there is now a separate parking space. To exit, patients must first acquire a token from their doctor’s secretary.

Our technical department has been further upgraded with the artificial intelligence system giving more options to the doctor on how to manage a case.


You can watch an interview that the doctor has given on 18/11/2020 on the greek tv channel RIK for the show “It’s a matter of health” on the subject of colon polyps.

On the 19th of November 2020 Dr Kadis gave an interview in the greek channel RIK concerning colon cancer for the show “Είναι θέμα υγείας” (It’s a matter of health).