The equipment used by Dr. Kadis has been renewed in June 2020 with the only Artificial Intelligence system in Cyprus.

The ELUXEO system is the latest and most modern equipment of the manufacturer FujiFilm. It has a system with digital processor and high resolution endoscopes (FULL HD) and multiple LEDs, which has special filters for better observation of blood vessels and other mucosal details (chromoendoscopy with LCI and BLI) These are enhanced by the new and unique Artificial Intelligence system developed by FujiFilm – CAD EYE.

The aim and purpose of CAD EYE is to strengthen the capabilities of the medical community, since based on studies it contributes to the improvement of detection of polyps (Adenoma Detection Rate ADR) which is one of the most important challenges in the field of endoscopy in recent years.

CAD EYE can detect polyps (Detection Mode), while at the same time it has the ability to automatically switch to characterization of polyps (Characterization Mode).

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